Saturday, April 4, 2015

An Easter message from CMH

In no other religion’s understanding will God willingly suffer, and even die, out of love for all that He created.  To those others people are just pawns and playthings of the omnipotent.  But, for some chosen few – we, the new Israel – there is the knowledge that we are created in love and saved by love.  From that knowledge, we know then that we must live in love.

Love of God.
Love of neighbor.
Love of self.

Love of family.
Love of Church.
Love of country.

Love of right.
Love of justice.
Love of charity.

On this celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ, may every member of the Catholic Memorial Family have truly learned the love of Christ and be inspired to outwardly show deep love for Him.

Be assured of our prayers for you and your family every school day of the year.  Please support and pray for us in return.

May the Blessings of Christ resurrected by with you.

Our Lady of Memorial, pray for us!

Very Reverend Paul B. R. Hartmann, ‘84

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