Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What "The Memorial Way" is all about...

Dear Catholic Memorial:

I would like to thank the students at Catholic Memorial for their kindness and act of service. My son, William, was recently in the NICU at West Allis Memorial Hospital. Before he was released, we received a onesie made by your students. I don't know what class made them or which teacher is responsible for this effort, so I wanted to make you aware of my family's sincere gratitude.
As you can probably imagine, it is extremely difficult to have a child in NICU. The small act of kindness your students did for us helped to make a difficult time brighter. I included a picture of him in the onesie and I ask that you please share this message with the teacher and students who took part in this effort. Again thank you!  


Making the onesies, like the one little William is wearing above, was one of the projects that CMH students could participate in the first Annual Crusader Day of Service on the day before Thanksgiving.  Recall that on a voluntary basis, over 525 students offered over 1200 hours of service that day.  Caritas in Omnibus!

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