Tuesday, October 28, 2014

4 CMH alums nominated to State Forensic Association's Theater Hall of Fame

Forwarded by Mr. Chris Andacht, CMH Drama Director:
Dear Mr. Andacht,

Several alumni of Catholic Memorial High School have been nominated for the Wisconsin High School Forensic Association's Theatre Hall of Fame for the distinguished honor of earning the esteemed Acting Award more than once.  As you know, only an elite few are recognized with this award each year, and an even smaller percentage have achieved it throughout the long history of our organization.

The following four alumni of your school have been elected to the Theatre Hall of Fame this year, and we would like to recognize them at the State Theatre Festival, Friday, November 21, at Viterbo University. 
Kate Andacht
Kate Booth
Nico Fernandez
Megan Miller
Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you for your role in inspiring these tremendous performing artists.  It will be great to learn how they have taken that inspiration with them, through their lives.

Warm regards,

Adam J. Jacobi, Executive Director

Wisconsin High School Forensic Association

Pictured above, from Fall, 2010,
with their Wisconsin Forensic Association
awards for "The Miracle Worker" are
Nico Fernandez, left, and Megan Miller, center.

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