Monday, September 15, 2014

A testimonial to CMH's Project Lead the Way!

This message was sent to CMH Project Lead the Way Coordinator, Mrs. Mary Petrie.  It is a testament to the our great PLTW and STEM programs.   The CMH grad began studying engineering this fall at Arizona State University.  Prayers for continued success Austin!

Dear Mrs. Petrie,

How has the school year been going? Things here in Arizona are good. The temperature is still over 100, which is slightly too hot for me, but i hear the winter will be around 70 degrees.

I am taking an engineering class here that is similar to the classes I took with you at CMH. The only thing is that they are way easier. We started the first class by talking about the problem of cooling people down here in Arizona and I immediately thought of my first project with jared where we made the cooling pillow. Even the teacher could not come up a problem statement as good as any of ours. My professor likes our group because we are so efficient

We started a project now where we are building a ping pong ball launcher which is the exact project we did two years ago. They want us to launch the ball 2-15 feet, but I remember launching ours around 30 feet. I believe our next project has something to do with finding a way to light up a miniature city.

It is frustrating at times when everyone here has no engineering experience, but I just have to be patient. Thanks for preparing me so well for this. I know it will help me in the future.

Austin Kane, CMH '14

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