Wednesday, July 30, 2014

CMH Community welcomes new Marquette President

This past Sunday, members of the Catholic Memorial community held a reception to welcome and honor Dr. Michael Lovell, the new President of Marquette University. 

Dr. Lovell and his wife Amy were welcomed to the beautiful east side home of Kris and Jim Rappe'.  The Rappe's are CMH alum parents, and Kris is a member of the MU Board of Trustees.

CMH is one of the top 5 feeder schools to MU.  Dr. Lovell was impressed to learn that CMH students at MU graduate earlier and academically perform better than the university averages.  Dr. Lovell and Fr. Hartmann hope for growing partnerships between CMH and MU in the future.

Notably, Dean of the Marquette School of Education, Dr. Bill Henk, was recently named to the CMH Board.

Congratulations Dr. Lovell!

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