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Freeman Profile - CMH Senior Tori Hodorowski

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Hodorowski an unsung hero 
Senior defender key figure in run to state for CMH

Freeman Staff

WAUKESHA – Her name is rarely seen in the box score, but Tori Hodorowski has an effect on every game.

As the best defender on the Catholic Memorial High School girls soccer team, it’s the senior’s job to keep the opposing team out of the goal box.

Like most defenders, she’s an unsung hero. That doesn’t sit well with Memorial coach John Burke, which is why during practices following a game he has “Tori appreciation days.”

“Everyone on the team recognizes how important Tori is, but people outside of our team can’t appreciate it because they don’t take defensive stats in high school soccer,” Burke said. “We have these ‘Tori appreciation days,’ and she’s always embarrassed about it. We just want her to understand the team appreciates what she does even if no one outside of the team understands it.”

Burke said he does most of the talking during the appreciation days, but the players will contribute what she did well in a previous game. Hodoworski said she hates those practices.

“It’s a team sport. I just want to win state at the end of the season. However we get there, we get there,” Hodorowski said. “I don’t like being the center of attention much. I like chilling in the back and watching.”

The Classic 8 Conference has several high-powered offensive teams. The Crusaders are one of four from the conference to advance to the WIAA state tournament. Of all those teams, Burke said the league’s two best offensive players, Waukesha West senior Katie Grall and Waukesha North senior Aubrey Krahn, were both
 marked by Hodorowski – and neither scored against her.

“You can go right down the list of players Tori has prevented from scoring,” Burke said. “You can rely on her to shut down the best players.”

Hodorowski gets under the skin of offensive players because she can stop them – and she rarely commits a foul.
 But what frustrates opposing players the most is she never talks. Burke has either heard or seen opposing players talk, swear, push and elbow Hodorowski, and she never retaliates.

Hodorowski possesses two qualities that makes her a good defender: She’s
 both very agile and extremely composed in the back. Hodorowski played midfield prior to high school. Midfielders play as much offense as they do defense. 

Burke said whenever Hodorowski had to mark the ball after turning the ball over, she just stood out.

“It’s fun to take ball from someone,” Hodorowski said. “It’s like an accomplishment. It’s a hard challenge because, if they score, everyone knows who’s fault it was. But if they don’t score, it’s a real good feeling.”

Hodorowski said players have to be more cautious on the back line than in the midfield – and she’s always had that quality. Even when she played in the mifield, Burke said Hodorowski would never stab at the dribbler. She’s always moving her feet and keeping the defender in front.

Hodorowski also excels in the classroom. She will
 attend the University of Minnesota, where she will study pre-med or psychology. Hodorowski was Memorial’s candidate for the WIAA scholar-athlete award.

And she won’t play as much soccer after high school.

“I’m going to miss soccer,” Hodorowski said. “I will play intramurals, so it will be more relaxed. But I’m kind of nervous, because I’ve played sports my whole life. Sometimes when I study too much, I just need a break and soccer was that outlet for me. If I continue to play intramurals, that will have to be my stress reliever.”

Hodorowski said she will miss the competitiveness of high school soccer, which is why this weekend at state she said she will try even harder in her final games of her career.

“I’ve liked it a lot. The whole team aspect and the coaches, it’s been like a family,” Hodorowski said. “I’m going to do my best to play harder and win a state championship.”


Photo credits:  Top - Catholic Memorial senior Tori Hodorowski, right, defends Waukesha North’s Aubrey Krahn during a Classic 8 Conference game. Jeff Zmania/

Bottom - Senior Tori Hodorowski’s defense has helped the Catholic Memorial girls soccer team to the WIAA Division 3 state tournament. Jeff Zmania/


Get to know ...TORI HODOROWSKI 

 Catholic Memorial/Soccer 
Coach  John Burke 
Class In School/Age Senior/18

Also In My Family Are:
 my mother, Jeanne; my father, John; and my brother, David.

The Athletic Accomplishment I Am Most Proud Of Is:
 winning state the past two years.

My Favorite Subject In School Is:
My Favorite Teacher Is: Mr. Doll, my fourth-grade teacher.
My Favorite Movie Is: “22 Jump Street.”
My Favorite Recording Artist Is: Luke Bryan.
My Favorite TV Show Is: the World Cup.
The Best Meal My Mother Makes Is: fettuccine alfredo.
A Bad Habit I Have Is: I say “um” and “like” a lot when I talk.
A Pet Peeve I Have Is: when people drive under the speed limit.
The Thing I Do Best Outside Of Athletics Is: TOPSoccer, which is volunteering to play soccer with special needs children. 

The Person I’d Most Like To Meet Is:
 the pope.
The Last Time I Cleaned My Room I Found: money.
Nobody Ever Says I’m: unhappy.
My Most Memorable Experience Is: when I went on a mission trip to Kath Lake in Minnesota.

My Most Prized Possession Is:
 my car.
Might Not Know About Me Is: I broke my arm in fourth grade falling off boxes.
One Thing I Would Change About Myself Is:
 I wish I wouldn’t get sunburned as much.
One Thing At My School I Would Change Is:
 to have air conditioning.

I See Myself In 10 Years Being:
 in medical school.
I Wish Coach Burke Would: wouldn’t have practice at 7 a.m. 

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