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Two great columns from the CMH Student Newspaper

from the CMH Student Newspaper, The Crusader -

A Letter from the Editor
by Michaela Hoffmann, '14

                As I was sitting at my computer compiling my last issue of The Crusader, I contemplated what I would write as my last word to Catholic Memorial. While searching for inspiration, my six-year old cousin came and sat by me, asking what I was doing. When I explained I was working on stuff for high school, she asked me, “What do you even do in high school?”
                What do we do in high school? Obviously we do homework (lots of homework) and take tests (lots of tests) but what do we do in high school that will stick with us for the rest of our lives? What did we learn at Catholic Memorial that we will incorporate into our daily lives for years to come?
                We learned the true meaning of caritas in omnibus. What I loved most about Memorial is how integral the motto is within the school and the student body. Not only did we learn to reach out to our local and global community, but we learned what it meant to be charitable to each other. Walking through the hallways and seeing students say hello to every person they pass and overhearing casual, laughter-filled conversations between students and teachers is something that is not common at many high schools. Catholic Memorial has taught us the importance of service and the significance of using our Catholic Memorial education to lives of service that demonstrated ‘Caritas in Omnibus’.
                We have learned the value of professionalism. As much as we have complained about and rebelled against CMH’s various dress code restrictions, the dress code is just one way Catholic Memorial has instilled professionalism within students. Like one of my favorite saying, Catholic Memorial has encouraged us to “dress for success”. We have learned how to make our own decisions, how to be leaders, and how to be independent. We have learned how to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. Indisputably, the professionalism we have gained at Catholic Memorial will aid us in our college endeavors, future careers, and everyday encounters.
                Most importantly, I believe Catholic Memorial has shown us how to be a family. We have cheered each other on, whether it was from the sidelines as a teammate or from the stands as a Crusader Crazy. We have supported each other through celebration and through suffering. Each year, Catholic Memorial welcomes a diverse, unique, and nervous freshman class and, throughout the next four years, Catholic Memorial forms us into a confident, loving, and united family.
                As we look to the future and our life beyond CMH, it is important to look back and thank all those who have helped us to realize our potential and who have impacted us even in the slightest. Shout out to Dr. Hall for undoubtedly being the coolest principal the halls of Catholic Memorial have ever seen. Thank you to Mr. Mrochinski for being a friend, mentor and supporter of every Catholic Memorial student, and for always being a sunny presence even on the darkest days. Thank you to all the coaches who have given us athletes and teams to be proud of and who have showed us the value of teamwork and good sportsmanship. Thank you to Bridget Farley for showing everyone it’s okay to be weird and for constantly giving us all a reason to laugh.  A huge thanks to Mr. Burke for making the Catholic Memorial newspaper possible. Thank you to all the students who have made the newspaper a success, from its extremely talented writers to all the students who have picked up a copy to read.
             And finally, thank you to every single Catholic Memorial student and faculty member who has played even the most minor role in making Catholic Memorial an outstanding place for all students. Whether you are a freshman still getting a feel for CMH, or a senior who is counting down the days to graduation, always remember that, despite the facts you will learn and the equations you will memorize, what you do and learn at Catholic Memorial are the things that will be with you today, tomorrow, and in years to come.
                The friendships I have formed, accomplishments I have achieved and lessons I have learned, I owe all to CMH. Though I am eager to embrace the future, I am hesitant to leave behind an establishment that has taught me so much about myself, my classmates and the world around me. I know my years at Catholic Memorial have given me experiences that will continue to be an inherent part of who I am and what I do throughout my life. 


"Senior Spotlight" By Bridget Farley, 14

As the seniors say goodbye to CMH and move on to the next exciting chapter of their lives, they also take a moment to recount what they will miss most about CMH:

I will miss rugby and all the friendships I have made with my teammates. ~Rebecca Haight
I will miss all the teachers, especially Mrs. Hyde and Mr. Gabelbauer and all the witty remarks I make during class ~Larry Quartana
I miss will all the Father-Daughters dances. Those were always my favorite ~Jess Hyde
I will miss all the friendships I have made and all the dances. ~Krista Erikson
I will miss the closeness of our class; going to Madison next year will be a whole new experience. ~Michael Mirsberger 
I will miss all my friends and ‘the family’ CMH has created ~Thomas Rosecky
A lot of people describe CMH as a family. For me this is so true; walking through the halls and seeing all my friends and students I know, makes CMH feel like a home to me. Every club or organization I am apart of just feels like an extension of who I am. The entire faculty to that have come to know me, and made me know I am cared for. My CMH family is what I will miss most ~Joe Kolonko
I will miss all the friendships I have built throughout the years. ~Lauren Bachman
I will miss all the good memories I made and the football games. ~Maggie Wesolowski
I will miss all the dances, sports, and having teachers who actually care about you. ~Michael Benash
I will miss all the friendships I have created through sports and school. Also, I will miss sharing some good laughs and memories with my friends. ~Vince Dombrowski
All the friendships I have made on my sports team and playing sports with all my friends. ~Paul Heryman
And as for me, I will miss going to school with my best friends everyday. Though it’s cliché, CMH is truly family. I never go a day without receiving a friendly smile from a stranger in the hallway. Everyone cares about one another and goes out of their way to help others. I will the teachers, who are some of the most special people I have ever met. CMH is truly home. I think I can speak on behalf of the whole senior class by saying we wouldn’t have wanted to spend our high school years anywhere else or with anyone else. Bridget Farley

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