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Memorial Day - CMH's 65th Anniversary

On Memorial Day 1949, Archbishop Moses Elias Kiley dedicated our school with these words:

To the memory of the men and women who sacrificed so much on our behalf - many even their blood, the health, their very lives - in the great world conflict.  We lovingly and gratefully dedicate this chapter as we dedicate the monument here described - Catholic Memorial High School.

Catholic Memorial High School was founded that day as a memorial to the 23 young men of St. Joseph’s Parish in Waukesha who gave their lives for their country in World War II.

Army Private Angelus Wise, 
May 10, 1942,
Bataan Death March,
age 30

Army Air Corps Private Valentine Farkas,
June 6, 1942,
South Pacific,
age 18

Army Private Thomas Jaquest,
September 21, 1942,
Dutch Timor Island,
age 22

Army Air Corps Private Charles Brust,
October 17, 1942,
training illness, stateside,
age 23

Navy Ensign Everett Kelso,
October 21, 1942,
training accident,
San Diego, CA,
age 22

Army Staff Sergeant Michael Puhl,
January 4, 1943,
Buna, New Guinea,
age 25

Army Private Robert Stark,
May 24, 1943,
Attu, Aleutian Islands, Alaska,
age 21

Army Air Corps 2nd Lt. Harry Kruck,
September 3, 1943,
training accident, stateside  
age 20

Army Sergeant Valentino Brazzale,
September 11, 1943,
Sicily, Italy,
age 31

Army Private Giles Lunenschloss,
January 6, 1944,
Papua, New Guinea,
age 23

Army Air Corps Private Alvan Ade,
January 7, 1944,
age 21

Army Air Corp Lt. Harry Sewnig,
April 2, 1944,
Missing In Action, Italy,
age 24

Army Air Corps 2nd Lt. Robert Petry,
September 5, 1944,
 age 22

Marine Private 1st Class William Weber,
September 15, 1944,
Peleliu Island,
South Pacific,
age 18

Army Sergeant Joseph Kowalski,
September 16, 1944,
age 27

Navy Seaman 2nd Class John Murdock,
December 3, 1944,
The Philippines,
age 24

Navy Petty Officer George Martin,
March 10, 1945,
Missing In Action, lost at sea,
age 20

Navy medic John Roswell Bacon,
March 14, 1945,
Iwo Jima,
age 34

Army Private Leonard Meola,
March 19, 1945,
Luzon, Philippines,
age 18

Army Air Corps Sergeant Frederick Patrinos,
April 19, 1945,
Missing In Action, Norway,
age 20

Army Staff Sergeant Stephen Prelozni,
April 23, 1945,
 age 28

Marine Cpl. Robert McGuire,
May 4, 1945,
age 20

Army Air Corps 1st Lt. William Malone,
September 26, 1945,
training accident, stateside,
age 23

Let us also remember those CMH students who have subsequently made this same ultimate sacrifice:

Marine Lance Cpl. David Frischmann,
May 29, 1967,
South Vietnam,
age 22

Army Specialist George Carr,
February 1, 1968,
South Vietnam,
age 21

Army Cpl. Cornelis Vandersterren,
September 13, 1968,
South Vietnam,
age 20

Navy Lt. Craig Sullivan,
October 24, 1986,
submarine tracking mission, Mediterranean Sea,
age 26

Marine Cpl. Robert Warns,
November 8, 2004,
Babil Province, Iraq,
age 23

Marine Lance Cpl. Richard Warner,
December 13, 2004,
Babil Province, Iraq,
age 22

So reads the honor roll for whom we are
Catholic Memorial High School.

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