Monday, May 19, 2014

CMH Drama dominates Tommy Awards

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Catholic Memorial High School's Singin’ in the Rain for the awards that they have received from the Overture Center for this year’s Tommy Awards Competition.

The cast received the following awards:

Outstanding Musical
Mr. Christopher Andacht, Outstanding Director
Mr. Pete Lange, Outstanding Vocal Director
Lizzie Wesley and Joe Kolonko, Outstanding Stage Managers
Mr. Skelly Warren, Outstanding Scenic Design and Light Design
Mrs. Rose Fernandez, Outstanding Costume Design
Evan Gungor and Danny Gentile, Outstanding Sound Design

In addition, Tyler Agnew, Kelsey Landry, and Mitchell Matyas received Outstanding Lead Performer, and Morgan Mutza received Outstanding Dance Performer. 

The cast and crew will be performing at the awards ceremony at the Overture Center in Madison on June 8th, and the ceremony will be publicized on Wisconsin Public Television.

Join us in Madison or on television. Congratulations again to the cast and crew!

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