Tuesday, May 6, 2014

CMH doubly recognized for Character Education

A press release from Wisconsin Character Education Partners -

Catholic Memorial (Waukesha, WI) develops methods to better community by being introspective and wins a statewide award.

When faculty and staff activate themselves, students are sure to grow. Cheers for Catholic Memorial High School’s two award designations from Wisconsin Character Education Partnerships (WCEP). The awards are in the Promising Practices Category and will be given at the 2014 Schools of Character Conference held at Alverno College on June 20, 2014. The school also received an Honorable mention in the State Schools of Character category.
If you are unaware of WCEP, a statewide coalition, please refer to the website www.wicharacter.org  for details. In general WCEP follows the eleven principles or guidelines developed by the national Character Education Partners (CEP). It set forth goals to assist in character development but does not define the ways to achieve those goals. This allows for creativity within participating Character Education schools.  www.character.org
Faculty and staff at the high school gave themselves a serious assignment when they created a process whereby each asked ten other people to assess their adherence to the schools core values: memorial, faith, trust, respect, inclusiveness, professionalism, excellence and caritas in omnibus (showing love of God in all their actions). Furthermore they each had to rate themselves and those who directly supervise them. The intention was not to criticize but to understand what they might do to become a better teacher and administrator at a school founded in memory of twenty-three soldiers who gave their lives for freedom in World War II. They named this carefully managed project “Activating Our Values, 360 Evaluations”.
They began including students in a process called Student Growth Plan which is maintained for all four high school years. Students know about the teachers’ efforts in awareness and growth so they begin to understand that striving to be a person of character must be comprehensive, intentional and proactive. For the students the growth plan consists of seeing how their “four pillars” of emphasis at the school are built around their faith. The pillars are: academics, social engagement, service and leadership.
A mentor meets with small groups to discuss things like strengths, weakness and goals in short self-assess. Students are presented with service opportunities, academic work and social events which provide experiences for working on their character development.
Why not give Catholic Memorial, its faculty, staff and students a shout out for this outstanding, highly monitored for results effort to remember the fallen, make the school an even better place and show students how to be good citizens as adults?
For more information, please contact:

Robert Hall, Principal

Mary Gentile, Character Education Committee Chair

Pam Woodard, Chief Facilitator WCEP


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