Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Learning about Wildlife in need

Environmental Science at Wildlife In Need Center (WINC) on March 26, 2014. The students attended the educational program that is usually held at Catholic Memorial at WINC this year. The program involves a slide show discussing the reasons why an animal would be a patient at WINC (both human and natural causes), how they can help injured or displaced wildlife, and the opportunities available to student volunteers and possible internships for those who would be pursuing a major in wildlife conservation. After the slide show, the students get to meet the educational ambassadors of WINC and how they came to call WINC “home”.  There is also a strong emphasis on keeping nature IN nature and not keeping a wild animal as a pet.

The students brought an in kind donation to WINC of cleaning supplies, paper towels, and garbage bags. This year a student donated a fake ficus tree for the patients to use as they transition into the outdoor flight enclosures. 

Pictured (left to right): back row: Mitchell Urich, Ryan Sickels, Kory Mueller, Mari Klement, Jessica Hurtgen

Middle row: Morgan Loppnow, Tyler Schmitt, Alex Dodd, Miranda Bargielski, Ben Karczewski, Andrew Kohler

Front row: Mrs. Schmalz, Kelsey Wort, Mitchell Matyas, Ms. Borgen, and Ciara Schwindt

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