Tuesday, April 29, 2014

CMH to get a facelift this summer!

When students return in August, they will see a new look to CMH...

That's right, Catholic Memorial is getting air conditioning. By late summer, everything in CMH, from the steamy auditorium (how nice it will be for the plays and musicals) to the gymnasiums, from the Learning Commons to the math classrooms, will all have AC.

Not only will we "feel" different in school, but the face of the building will get an upgrade. When the original CMH building was erected in 1949, glass block was modern, efficient and eye-catching. While the lower windows were done in the mid-80s, those need efficiency updates and the glass blocks must be removed and replaced with windows.  Imagine how this will offer a facelift to the school’s “curb appeal” from College Avenue.

Some of our CMH lockers are as old as the school itself.  We are going to replace many of them throughout the building.  This will revitalize the hallways of the school.

In cooperation with Carroll University, Waukesha Public Schools, and the Sussex Hamilton School District, a group bid was sought for artificial turf. This means that CMH can finally upgrade the InPro Field in “the Valley”. With this upgrade, our field will be safer for all users; available longer in fall and sooner in spring for phy ed classes; more accessible to our diverse field sports (football, soccer, rugby, and lacrosse); and will certainly be more appealing to our community than the present situation.

All of these exciting upgrades are just the first of many that will be made possible through our Crusading for Excellence campaign. The funds raised through Crusading for Excellence will directly support enhancements to our facilities (in classrooms, the Academic Resource Center, backstage of the theater, and a new Chapel); grow our endowment; and promote student growth and success through academic innovation and faith formation.

Having secured pledges for 75% of the $10M campaign goal, the Crusading for Excellence committee, and the Board of Directors and administration are striving to reach and exceed 100% in the next several months. Your support of this campaign, in the form of time, talent, and treasure, will be essential as CMH grows and innovates so that together we may continue to fulfill our mission, and remain one of the premiere Catholic high schools in Southeast Wisconsin.

To be one of the many volunteers who are needed to assist the Crusading for Excellence campaign, please contact me or Jessica Karis, Development Director.  

 Thank you for your support of the great successes at CMH – past, present, and future!

Our Lady of Memorial, Pray for Us!

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Paul

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