Friday, March 21, 2014

Dr. Hall follows through on an Auction commitment

Yesterday, as was offered in the Crusader Grand Silent Auction, our principal, Dr. Bob Hall, hosted a pizza lunch for a dozen students.  I gladly allowed Dr. Hall and the group of freshman boys to use the rectory for this event.  Fortunately, the previously chosen date for the pizza lunch coincided with the chance to watch at least the first half of UW's NCAA opener.

I am told, and very pleased, that the boys took it upon themselves to leave the place clean and to pause for prayer before the pizza was served or the game was turned on.  All of their parents (who gave permissions) can be very proud.

Everyone had a lot of fun.  The only problems seem to be that Dr. Hall, a father of two young daughters, drastically underestimated how much freshman boys eat, and could not work my TV, so the game had to be watch in regular def.  But they all muddled through.

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