Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Agile thinking for CMH PLTW

CMH Parent, Chris DeNardis, Engineering Manager for Johnson Controls, spoke to both Project Lead the Way classes of CSE (Computer Science and Software Engineering).  He has been practicing agile methodology since 2006.  Mr. DeNardis was here to give the students an overview of Scrum and share examples of real world experience.

Scrum for Computer Science (and our CSE) is managing the development of a specific product/software for a client in a very effective, efficient way.  It involves having a group of people each managing a different aspects of the development in a timely manner, including regular meetings with each other checking progress.   Everyone has a different role – ex:  one person to really manage the group – checks on progress and anything that is hindering progress, person in charge of developing the software, testing the product thoroughly, debugging it, connection with client, etc.

Charts are used to track/adjust progress.

According to CMH faculty member, Rose Hoffmann, Chris is an expert in scrum, in agile development.  He travels throughout the country giving talks and instructing people about scrum.  So it was very generous of him to offer to give a talk to both of my CSE classes.  His son is in CSE.

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