Monday, February 17, 2014

CMH's Operation Michael assists Hunger Task Force

Thanks sent to the CMH Students of Operation Michael!

From: Justine Vergeer
Sent: Monday, February 17, 2014 9:39 AM
To: Mary Gentile
Subject: Thanks for sorting!


Thank you for your group’s help in sorting 22,000 pounds of food on Thursday, February 13. Hunger Task Force is grateful for your efforts in the fight against hunger in our community.

Food sorting is an important first step in feeding Milwaukee’s hungry and volunteer groups like yours are making this possible on the frontline. Can by can, and box by box, you’ve sorted and built a supply of healthy and nutritious food that will feed families across Milwaukee.

Hunger Task Force is proud to call you partners in our mission to end hunger.

Thank you again for your support, hard work and dedication. We look forward to working with you again soon!

Community Relations Manager 
Hunger Task Force

The story of Operation Michael:

Sixteen years ago a CMH senior, Juan, was driving on Bluemound Road heading home. He saw a man holding a sign which read "Will Work For Food". Along with all the other cars, Juan stared at the homeless man for a few moments and then continued on his way.

When Juan got home he told his older brother about the man and his desperate cry for food. Together, the brothers went back to find the man. They took him to get some coffee and warm food. The homeless man's name was Michael.

Michael told the brothers many stories about how he lost his job, his wife, his home. He told them about the people he had encountered: they stared, honked, spit, and cussed at him. People threw things at him, even burning cigarettes, as they drove past.

After some time with them, Michael thanked the brothers for their kindness and went their way. Juan was touched by Michael's story, so he decided to bring his experience back to school. He and a group of other CMH senior boys got together and organized Operation Michael to bring homelessness awareness to everyone.

This was the beginning of Operation Michael. Nine years ago the students of Operation Michael also took on the task of fundraising and volunteering in order to build on the growing awareness that this group was already fostering. Members do works of service and justice by participating in clothing and supply drives, volunteering at meal programs and shelters, and fundraising in order to aid the homeless in our community.

Each year, a night is set aside for a group of CMH students to reflect and pray while engaging in different activities that are focused and centered on the homeless.

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