Thursday, January 23, 2014

CMH Family gets shout out in State of State address!

Congratulations to Hastings Air Energy Control a family owned business led by CMH alumnus, David Bohrer ’74.  The company will be recognized as a ‘growing small business’ during Governor Scott Walker’s State of the State address tomorrow night.  

David, and all of his brothers and sisters (8 in total), graduated CMH, and now a second generation (6 so far) have become Crusaders.


Hastings Air Energy Control, Inc. has  been chosen by Governor Scott Walker as a ‘growing small business’ for recognition during his ‘State of the State’ last night.

Employee Patti Sharer will be specifically recognized on the floor of the Assembly as a previously ‘underemployed’ individual who now has a high contributing full time position with Hastings.

After teaching and caring for those in need during a multi-year overseas mission endeavor, my husband and I returned to his home state of Indiana in 2010.  I actively sought full-time employment while working a variety of full- and part-time temporary jobs.  After two years of uncertainty, changing schedules and renting from friends, I contacted Hastings Air Energy Control in New Berlin where I previously had a temporary position when I was in college.  Because of Hastings’ consistent growth, they offered me employment.  By working at Hastings, I now have a regular schedule, live in my own home, and contribute on a daily basis to making a cleaner and more energy-efficient workplace for people in Wisconsin and beyond.


This is the Hastings profile submitted to the Governor’s office:

"Hastings Air Energy Control is the Midwest's leading full-service provider of process ventilation systems, vehicle exhaust removal systems, air filters and energy saving ventilation controls. Over the past year, Hastings has created jobs  to meet existing demand and to accommodate future growth. This reflects their strong confidence in the local economy and the state administration.

Hastings is also dedicated to providing equipment to make technical schools, skilled worker training facilities and manufacturing facilities safer for students and workers. They focus on eliminating airborne contaminants that would be harmful to inhabitants and the overall environment.

With this confidence in the State economy, they recently opened a 5,700-square-foot Technology Experience Center, a one-of-a-kind facility that allows visitors the opportunity to get hands-on with the most advanced systems in the air cleaning industry. Hundreds of manufacturing companies from around the United States will come to New Berlin each year to demo dust collectors, vacuum systems, smoke detection systems, and energy saving systems.  They can even bring their own equipment to the facility to test with the latest products. 

Hastings is a Wisconsin company on the cutting edge of air cleaning and energy management technology, a leader in its field – the latest example of industry and innovation thriving in our great state."

Congratulations to the entire Bohrer Clan and their successful family business!

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