Friday, December 13, 2013

Rugby - from the Pope and from CMH

It's no secret the Pope is into sports. He says it's not only good for the body, but also to build character and spirit.

Addressing the national rugby teams of Italy and Argentina, he highlighted the values of sports, and those for rugby in particular.

"It's a tough sport, a lot of physical contact, but there is no violence. There's great loyalty, great respect. Playing rugby is tiring. It's no easy walk. And I think it's useful to strengthen character, and one's will.”

In sports, as in life, he said, one must fight to reach a goal. That's why the Pope urged all players to fight with that same spirit in their lives, as in the field. 

Congratulations to the Crusaders named to the 2013 All-State Team!  

The full list, which is filled with upperclassmen, is here: 

 Myra Dillett (jr) 
 Julie Else (sr) 
 Rebecca Haight (sr)  
 Molly Langhenry (sr)   

 Liz Bellis (sr) 
 Alexa Jaeger (sr) 
 Lizzy Jacobson (jr)  
 Maggie Wesolowski (sr) 

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