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Freeman profiles Lauren Alberti

from today's Waukesha Freeman - 

Alberti embraces leader role
Senior most experienced player for Crusaders

Freeman Staff 

WAUKESHA – Lauren Alberti was thrust into a leadership role.

The Catholic Memorial High School girls volleyball team has been chock full of talented players in recent years. This year’s team has several fine players, but Alberti is the lone returning regular varsity performer. That led the now-senior to step up another level and lead this year’s young squad.

“For me it’s been very important more than anything that the team got along,” she said. “Before any kind of success that we had, we just had fun playing together and enjoying the experience.

“I didn’t really want my senior year to be a bad one playing volleyball, so I just wanted everyone to get along.”

Alberti is in her third season with the varsity team, having been a bench player during the Crusaders’ 2011 WIAA Division 2 state title
 run. She was a regular for the Crusaders last season, playing all six rotations and rarely coming off the court. 

“She’s taking on a much bigger role,” CMH coach Ted Schulte said. “She wasn’t the featured player last year, because we had a stud hitter in Aly Dawson. Now, the characteristic of the team is so different.

“(Alberti) has allowed us to become a really good team with a capital T. We don’t have success because of Lauren’s overwhelming
 offensive prowess, we have success because Lauren creates opportunities for everyone to have success.”

Alberti, who said her grandparents are her biggest fans, began volleyball as a setter in elementary school. She spent some time at hitter, then moved to libero before moving back to hitter. Having played three vastly different positions has helped Alberti work all over the court.

“I really love hitting, but I’ve been well-trained and prepared to play in multiple positions, which is always nice,” Alberti said.

And she has a mentality to keep up her level of play no matter the position.

“I’m able to just brush past mistakes I’ve made and keep moving forward and
 staying positive,” she said. “It’s not just for my own sake, but so that the team can build off it as well.

“I’m pretty good at staying mentally strong, but this year especially forced me to come out of my shell and become louder and a better team leader.”

Schulte admits he was uncertain how this season was going to go. Alberti has been key in stifling any doubts.

“I am thrilled beyond belief with her performance,” Schulte said. “She gets the idea of team. I never think Lauren does anything where it’s all about Lauren. You never see a selfish act.

“She’s such a calming influence on a young team where there’s the possibility of panic and worry with a coach as potentially volatile as I am.”

She had 13 aces in seven league matches with only eight service errors for a 91 percent serving percentage. Alberti hit at a .336 average during the Classic 8 Conference regular season, recording 58 kills in 137 attacks.

“She hits with authority, with great savvy,” Schulte said. “She can place the ball softly down the line, into the middle, hard off the block. She can bounce a ball when appropriate.

“She just doesn’t give points to the other side, and that’s a beautiful thing. She creates opportunities for us to win. She has a steady performance as a player and such a competitive drive. She’s determined and a joy to work with.”

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Robert F. Borkowski/Special to The Freeman - Catholic Memorial senior Lauren Alberti jesters to teammates during the Classic 8 Conference Tournament. 


Get to know ... LAUREN ALBERTI 

      Catholic Memorial/Volleyball
Coach      Ted Schulte 
Class In School/Age Senior/17

Also In My Family Are:
 my mother, Janet, a physical therapist; my father, Scott, a buyer for Cary Francis Group; my brother, Braden, 16, a junior at CMH; and my sister, Ashley, 20, a junior at Wingate University

The Athletic Accomplishment I Am Most Proud Of Is: winning state my sophomore year, even though I didn’t get to go on the court.

My Favorite Subject In School Is:
 psychology. My FavoriteTeacher Is:
 Mr. Mro, who teaches psychology.
My Favorite Movie Is:“Despicable Me 2.” 
My Favorite Recording Artist Is: The Killers.
My Favorite TV Show Is:“ The Big Bang Theory.” 
The Best Meal My Father Makes Is: spaghetti. 
A Bad Habit I Have Is: popping my gum. 
A Pet Peeve I Have Is: when teachers don’t erase everything on the board and leave little marks. 

The Person I’d Most Like To Meet Is:
 Elvis Presley.
The Last Time I Cleaned My Room I Found: a nail file. 

Nobody Ever Says I’m:
My Most Memorable Experience Is: going to Mexico with my family for my grandparents’ 50th anniversary. 

My Most Prized Possession Is:
 my car.
One Thing People Might Not Know About Me Is: I used to dance from second grade to freshman year of high school in a dance company. 
One Thing I Would Change About Myself Is: to be more open-minded. 

One Thing At My School I Would Change Is:
 air conditioning.

 Wish Coach Schulte Would: go easy on the younger players. 

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