Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A New Focus for CMH Walk-A-Thon

A major change in the annual Walk-A-Thon has been announced!

The student fundraising element was removed from the Walk-A-Thon. The fundraising goal is necessary and has been absorbed into the annual Crusader Fund appeal starting later this month.

With a powerful new purpose the CMH faculty and entire student body will walk this Friday, October 4 to the Waukesha Veterans Memorial, in honor of our founding as a living memorial to 29 fallen servicemen, and in gratitude for the sacrifices so many continue to make for CMH today. 

To demonstrate publicly our pride and unity, all students and faculty will wear their blue, gold, or white spirit wear, or school honor attire for the walk.

At the start of the Walk memorial cards with the name of one of the 29 servicemen will be given to each student to carry to the City of Waukesha Veterans Memorial at the corner of West and Wisconsin Avenues. The cards will be collected there to be used again throughout the year.

Students will follow the Riverwalk through downtown Waukesha, returning to the traditional pep rally, cookout and powder puff game.

Wherever you are this Friday morning October 4, please pause to join us in this prayer of remembrance for the service offered by these young men, and for those who serve today. 

As an additional way to focus on the meaning of this event, and to constantly remind ourselves of the powerful purpose of our founding, a prayer has been composed which will become a regular part of the community experience of the CMH family.

Our Memorial Prayer

Heavenly Father, Protector of all people and nations, 

Give us the strength to be a living memorial honoring those 
who sacrifice so much on our behalf – many even their blood, 
their health, their very lives.

Give us the humility to accept that there are ideals of charity and 
service greater than ourselves.

Give us the courage to stand as one community, in one faith, as a 
true monument to the Christian virtues of sacrifice, charity, and 

Give us the knowledge to learn truth and history to understand 
our world.

Give us the wisdom to never forget the reasons we are 
Catholic Memorial High School.

Our Lady of Memorial, pray for us!

We make this prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen

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