Friday, August 9, 2013

No, there was not an emergency at CMH today.

Earlier today, CMH hosted the Waukesha Police Department's Tactical Squad for an extended training exercise.  In opening our doors to this cooperation with WPD, not only is CMH being a good corporate citizen, but we also benefit from the experience and knowledge that the officers gain about CMH as well as advice and direction that they give us.

Some of you may recall when, 15 months ago, the WPD and Waukesha Sheriff's Department did a school-day lock-down exercise and K-9 unit "sniff."  That exercise allowed us to improve our emergency response procedures and to have confirmed for us by law enforcement that CMH is a drug-free campus.  Today's exercises will also allow us to continue to improve our emergency procedures.

From this exercise Waukesha law enforcement gains important insights about the CMH facility should there ever be a need for a crisis response situation.  We hope and pray that this knowledge will never need to be called upon here or at any school near to us.

CMH is committed to being a good member of the Waukesha community.  When appropriate to our mission, we anticipate further cooperation and more training exercises (tactical, K-9, medical triage, etc.) taking place here at CMH. 

Allow me to thank the WPD for their consistent professionalism and their cooperation with CMH.  May the intercession of St. Michael the Archangel, patron of police officers, keep them safe always.

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