Wednesday, August 21, 2013

ICE - Innovation, Creativity, Enterprise at CMH

ICE… a new CMH student group! 

Students, if you are interested in expanding your creativity, pursuing your personal interests, and making an
impact on your world, this distinctive student group is for you. We are looking for 20 creative thinkers to
be a part of a new CMH extracurricular group. 

Students are invited to apply for membership in the ICE (Innovation, Creativity, Enterprise) Group. The
goals of this program are to develop each individual’s creative thinking capabilities, enable each student to
discover and prioritize personal interests, and empower each student to implement a beneficial program or develop a useful product. We will be utilizing the lab facilities at Discovery World twice during the 1st Quarter to participate in several lab activities, including use of laser cutters, creating wearable products, and working in a professional level audio/video production studio.

Discovery World’s mobile lab will also be coming to CMH for our use. A grant from Kohl’s Cares is covering all costs of these trips. Group membership will be limited to 20 applicants. This limit is necessary because of limited space in labs and on field trips. Student from all grade levels will be considered for membership.

Membership applications must be received by Monday, September 2. Applications should be submitted to Mrs. Petrie. The application and additional information about the ICE group is
available on Edline. Meetings will be held on Thursdays from 2:45 - 4:00 p.m.

If you have questions, please contact any of the following ICE
Task Force Members:
-Mrs. Hanlon Sampon,
-Mrs. Petrie,
-Mr. Mrochinski,
-Mr. Spriggs,
ICE Sponsor:
-Dr. Hall,

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