Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We’re looking for a good carpenter!

CMH is presently blessed with two good challenges. 

First, a recent donation of a dozen relics of Catholic saints needs a proper place of display in the Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel.  It is hoped that these, along with a number of reliquaries that the school already cares for can be displayed in a secure, shadow box style display case.

Second, With last year’s great sports successes, CMH has run out of space for all of the State Championship and State Runner-Up trophies.  The best plan is to rebuild one or two of the cases in the first floor Champions Hallway.

If there is a good carpenter willing to donate their services for one, or both, of these projects, please contact Fr. Paul Hartmann  (fr.hartmann@catholicmemorial.net)

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