Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Music news

Congratulations to the following CMH musicians who earned "I" ratings, the highest rating, at last Saturday’s State WSMA Solo and Ensemble Festival held at UW Whitewater. These performers also earned the highest ratings at a District Festival in March, in or-der to advance to State!

Clarinet Quartet:
Mary Biedlingmeier
Jenny DeNardis
Sarah Gorczany
Haley Lange

Parade Drum Solo: George Kowalski

Piano Solo: David Wittmann*

Violin/Clarinet Duet: Jenny DeNardis
Kaitlin Trokan

Soprano Solo: Shannon Fuller

Classical Guitar Solo: Mitchell Fagan

Clarinet Solo: Jenny DeNardis

Music Theater – Female Role:Shannon Fuller

Soprano Solo: Jessica Pawlak

Soprano Solo: Laura Ellingen

*David Wittmann also earned an Exemplary Certificate, which is awarded at a judge’s discretion

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