Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter, a new beginning of faith, hope, and charity

Dear friends and family of Catholic Memorial High School,

In the last few weeks much has been said of the differences between our new Holy Father, Pope Francis, and his predecessors.  The Blessed Pope John Paul II was called the “Witness to Hope.”  Benedict XVI was a pre-eminent teacher of the faith.  With the great wisdom of the Holy Spirit, we know that what follows Faith and Hope, is Charity.  Pope Francis has quickly shown us that his will be a ministry of charity.  True charity, such as Caritas in Omnibus, is built on a well-learned and steady faith, and is given vibrant life with zealous hope. 

The Church’s transitions of this season likely made the Lenten journey of each of us more unique and powerful than in the past.   Faith, hope, and charity were considered right alongside prayer, penance, and almsgiving.

At CMH, we pass on the faith in all its strength and clarity.  We are blessed with young people, families, faculty, and staff whose enthusiasm and joy prove that hope does spring eternal.   With faith in hand and hope in our hearts, we form young people who will be servant leaders in the Church and the world.  Mixed with sincere prayer, penance, and almsgiving, we offer back to the Church and the world servant leaders who will live out Caritas in Omnibus.

Whether it is Pope Francis washing the feet of prisoners or Operation Michael teaching us all about homelessness; whether it is students preparing Easter baskets for the Women’s Center of Waukesha or school choice bolstering the future for so many; whether it is a far off pastor, a systemic government policy, or a personal encounter of a teenager – in each, we can have a Lenten and an Easter encounter with Christ. 

Our faith teaches us what we must do in the world to emulate Christ’s preaching.  Our hope enlivens what we can do to mirror Christ’s promise.  Our works of charity are precursors to the transformation that flows from Christ’s resurrection.

I pray that faith, hope, and charity are fruits of your Lenten journey.  I promise you that they are central to the mission of CMH – they are at the core of The Memorial Way!

Every member of the CMH family will be in my prayers when I celebrate Easter mass.  Thanks to all who support, and pray for, CMH each and every day.
Our Lady of Memorial, pray for us!
Very Reverend Paul B. R. Hartmann, '84

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