Monday, March 25, 2013

A nice note from a CMH alum parent...

 Fr. Paul,
Just a little sign of hope for our future...
Was out tonight with some of my adult kids and a large group of their friends at a bar for the Marquette b-ball game tonight.  Before the game started we had a large group of 20 something's all discussing not just the passion gospel for Palm Sunday (yea, some were complaining about how long it was, but you know what that means...they had all gone to mass tonight!), but several were into a heck of a lot more detail than I could have mustered.  Comments such as, "well aren't we doing Luke's gospels this year?  His passion gospel is a lot shorter than the other one's".  Huh?  How would somebody know that?!?
Most of these kids were the product of Catholic High Schools (in particular at least 4 or 5 CMH grads) and Jesuit colleges (Marquette and Creighton were represented).  Made me feel pretty good.
Enjoy Palm Sunday!

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