Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Taking a hammer and nail to worldly attachments

At yesterday's weekly, all-school Lenten Prayer Service we prayed with the passage about the rich young man who comes to Jesus to ask about how to gain eternal life. 
Jesus explains that he must follow the commandments. The rich young man says that he has always done this  and asks “what do I still lack?” Ironically, the answer is both something he lacks and something he has an abundance of.  The young man has an abundance of material wealth. He likely wants for little physically though he recognizes that he is not fulfilled by his wealth. 
What he seems to lack is single-hearted devotion to the Lord.  Jesus asks him to sell all of the attachments which keep him from following.  Jesus challenges him to give to the poor all that he does not need and to follow. 
We must ask ourselves if we follow Christ single-heartedly or if we try to fill our heart’s desires with other things.  We considered what worldly attachments keep us from a closer walk with Christ. 
We wrote these on cards, leaving them at the foot of the cross as a sign that we seek to grow in friendship with Christ and find that following Him with single-hearted devotion leads us to true freedom and joy.

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