Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Student reflections on Engineering Field Trip

Some student reflections on last week's Schools2Skills event, sponsored by the Waukesha Business Alliance.

This trip is definitely unlike anything I have ever done before. – Marie Fernandez, '16

The Engineering field trip was a great experience.  SPX, personally, was the most entertaining and exciting business/factory our group went to. – Jaret Christianson, '16

I Myra Dillet really liked the field trip because I felt that it narrowed down what I wanted to do and what I like to do. They sure were motivating. – Myra Dillet, '15

This field trip was very cool and interesting.  I think the coolest place we went to was SPX. – Vincent Pieters, '16

My favorite part was probably touring WTCT. – Andrew Braun, '16

I learned how successful you can become in this business.  I also learned on this trip that there is a need for engineers everywhere.  You can also be successful while being an engineer.  Some engineers get paid $100,000 if they are good at what they do. - Gavin Branick, '16

We were able to see what is involved in a manufacturing career. The overall trip was very fun and allowed us to all have a better insight into the manufacturing world.  – Max Mutza, '16

Thank you so much for the opportunity.  I possibly want to be an engineer. –  Ian Tisonik, '16

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