Monday, February 25, 2013

CMH Students experience careers in engineering and manufacturing

On Thursday, February 21, fifty-one CMH students in Project Lead the Way engineering classes participated in the Waukesha Business Alliance “Schools2Skills” event.  Freshman, sophomore, and junior students toured the facilities at Ellison Technologies, Dedicated Computing, and SPX Transformer Solutions Inc. This is the first time many of the students were on a “shop floor”.

The mission of this event is to raise awareness about the importance of manufacturing to Waukesha County. The top concern of CEO’s throughout Waukesha County is finding and developing the next generation of employees- from shop floor associates and supervisors to degreed engineers and managers. The Waukesha Business Alliance is committed to working with schools to address the major challenge. During the event students were exposed to many career paths filled with problem-solving, team work, research, product development, and high-tech assembly.

Lunch and afternoon sessions were held at WCTC where students toured the Engineering and Manufacturing Facility. Students interacted with faculty members, and were able to see a number of projects that WCTC students were working on.

Vincent Pieters, Erik Spitz and Jason Koziczkowski speak with a division manager at Ellison Technologies

Jason Koziczkowski, Vincent Pieters,  Matt Lechner, Pete Koscinski, and Nathan Worden at Ellison Technologies.

Nathan Worden looking at a robotic manufactured auto part at Ellison Technologies

Grant Boyce, Nick Scharrer, and Maria Fernandez at an information session at Dedicated Computing.

Alec Sheaffer, Erik Spitz, Maria Fernandez in the Dedicated Computing design area.

Matt Wickeham, Jared Bluma, and Nick Jones in the WCTC  CNC (computer numerical control)  lab

Alex Marks, Matt Wickeham, Jaret Christianson, Ian Tisonik, Max Mutza, Nick Jones, John Engel, Braeden Alberti, and Gradyn Lentz in the WCTC  CNC lab with instructor  Mr. Biro, father of CMH alumni Steve Biro.

Josh Clay, Nick Loporchio, and Hayes Wass  looking at graphic art projects at WCTC.

Josh Clay, Jacob Strelka, Nick Loporchio, Nate Worden, Jaret Christianson,  Jared Bluma, Matt Wickeham in a robotics lab at WCTC.

Myra Dillett  at a CNC machine at WCTC

NOTE:  According to the Waukesha Business Alliance Manufacturing Group, the top ten employability skills for an ideal employee are:

1.     Showing up for work on time, every day, ready to work

2.    Communication skills- written verbal, listening

3.    Problem Solving – root cause analysis

4.    Self-motivated

5.    Personal accountability

6.    Positive attitude

7.    Life-long learner

8.    Willingness to do/try new things

9.    Need for continuous improvement

10.  Team player / ability to work in teams / collaborate

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