Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lent - A Seaon of Prayer, Penance, and Almsgiving

Yesterday, as the Catholic Memorial community gathered for prayer during the first week of Lent, we heard Jesus calling us to growth in discipleship. We reflected on what it means to be a follower of Christ—a disciple. We listened to the Gospel which lays out the corporal works of mercy. The reading speaks of some of the demands of Christian discipleship which we strive to live up to.  We reflected on the following:

·         How do I help provide for those who hunger?
·         How have I demonstrated empathy toward those who are struggling with the weight of their problems?
·         How have I helped someone need even if it hurt to do so?
·         When have I come to the aid of others, clothing them with dignity?
·         How do I shelter the homeless, not by giving a roof, but by helping to protect people in other ways?
·         When have I helped to provide what someone actually thirsted for instead of mocking them with what they do not need?
·         What is something that I would like to bury so that I can come closer to God?

As Christian disciples, we are called to grow in our understanding of God’s expectations of us by reflecting on Jesus’ life and teachings. In our prayer today, we reflected on the corporal works of mercy because they spell out some of the demands of Christian discipleship.  We ought to pray that we might grow closer in friendship with Christ and live generously in His name.

Our Lady of Memorial, Pray for us!

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