Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cheering on Al's Run

Every year the CMH Pom and Dance Team participates in Briggs & Al’s Run and Walk for Children’s Hospital which takes place on the Marquette Campus.  This year's walk was held this past Saturday. 

The CMH girls cheer on the runners and walkers at the start line, they also do some cheers beforehand with the Marquette Band as the participants are registering.  The children that come are always so excited to see them and dance with them or hold their pom pons. 

This year CMH math teacher, Mrs. Nancy Knapp participated in the Walk along with her children and grandchildren. 

In the photo above is Mrs. Knapp with her grandson, Luke (CMH Class of 2029) with Bridget Moore, Vanessa Papenthein, and Michelle Plier. 

Al’s run is a great way for the girls to “give back” it makes them so appreciative of everything they have.

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