Monday, March 19, 2012

My Letter to the Editor at Milwaukee Magazine

Dear Milwaukee Magazine:

It was with great anticipation that I picked up the most recent issue of Milwaukee Magazine so as to closely review the Matt Hrodey article on “Best Schools”. As an alumnus and president of Catholic Memorial High School (CMH), I was disappointed that Mr. Hrodey overlooked the fourth largest private high school in the greater Milwaukee area, and the achievements of 700 students and 11,600 alumni. (“Private Eye” p.53).

While we agree that the quality of a school, particularly a Catholic school, goes well beyond test scores and numerical data, given the opportunity to tell our story, we would proudly participate.

A positive peer culture exists at CMH and our students are eager to learn and discover the importance of a strong and diverse curriculum. We are accredited through Advanced Education, certified in Project Lead the Way, and have fully implemented the International Baccalaureate Program. Most recently, we launched our new Academic Resource Center committed to providing all students with resources for writing, mathematics, and general scholarship. Some noteworthy statistics about CMH are:

· Over 98% of CMH graduates are admitted to colleges and universities
· ACT average of 25.3 for Class of 2010; 24.6 for Class of 2011 (with 99% taking the exam)
· We administered 351 IB Exams in 2010; 280 (75.47%) scored a 4 or higher
· We have 15 IB Higher Level Offerings and 7 AP offerings
· We had 118 AP Exams taken in 2010 with 79 (66.95%) scored a 3 or better

By our estimation, depending on the weight given to IB Exams, CMH would rank at least 7th, and likely higher, in the Milwaukee Magazine rankings.

Beyond these numbers, CMH has earned recognition from the Cardinal Newman Society as one of the Top 50 Catholic High Schools in America (see We are thrilled that we have been recognized in the WSN Cup rankings as offering the one of the state’s top five athletics programs in four of the last five years ( CMH has built the largest International Baccalaureate Program of any private high school in Wisconsin in just five years. Our drama program is regularly among the most recognized in the state by the Tommy Awards (

Most important, our young people truly exemplify the school’s motto Caritas in Omnibus (Charity in All Things). CMH students not only excel in test scores and on twenty-three varsity and club sports, through more than forty clubs they perform tens of thousands of combined service hours each year.

Be assured that, in the future, CMH will gladly participate in research for your articles on education in addition to purchasing ad space in the consistently high quality product delivered by Milwaukee Magazine. (as we did after your solicitation on p.73, the last page of the Hrodey article)

Sincerely yours,

The Very Reverend Paul Hartmann ’84
President, Catholic Memorial High School
Waukesha, WI

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