Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fully Accredited and Certified

Yesterday, CMH had our 2 ½ year review of our Project Lead the Way program, emphasizing a community need for STEM education and Discovery Learning. We are proud to announce that CMH is now a fully certified PLTW school.

Site inspectors, representatives from MSOE, were very impressed with our students, instructors, and community interest. We would like to thank Anne Staab, Mary Petrie, Rose Hoffman and Kevin Heaney for their hours of hard work getting ready for this accreditation visit.

Also to be thanked is our CMH PLTW site team, Mike Giffhorn, Kevin Heaney, Rose Hoffmann, Mike Hoge, Richard Lincoln, Paul McInerny, Mary Petrie, Thomas Quinn, Anne Staab, John Symms, Joy Weber and Shane Wendt, for their dedication and support of the program.

Now that CMH is certified, students have the ability to receive transcript credits from MSOE. As we begin to move forward, the accreditation recommended next steps and our site team will be committed to future accomplishments.

Stay Tuned and Great Work CMH!!!!

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