Monday, September 19, 2011

Just 4 Days to go!

I have increased my CMH WalkaThon goal to an unprecedented $5000!
I am at 83% of my new goal with just 4 days to go!


We are in the homestretch, and I need your help.

It used to be that I only had to stay ahead of precocious students. But now it has become Team Hartmann vs Team Hall in a contest for the ages.

CMH Principal, Bob Hall, has been working hard and is said to have set up Survivor-like alliances with Mr. Farrell, Mr. Gamalski, and Coach Young. Their confidence is good, but with your help we can be victorious in the this contest which ultimately only benefits CMH and our students.

Please pledge your support for CMH and join Team Hartmann today

Thank you for your support.

Fr. Paul

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