Sunday, August 21, 2011

The priests who assist at CMH

Joining me at Friday night's football game were Fr. Kevin Barnekow, the new associate pastor at St. William's Parish; Fr. Sean O'Connell, associate pastor at St. Dominic's Parish in Brookfield; and Fr. Phil Bogacki, associate pastor at St. John Vianney Parish, Brookfield.

Each of these men offer time to CMH in a variety of ways. Fr. Sean is starting his third season as chaplain to the foot ball team. Fr. Phil joined the CMH Board of Directors this past summer and will work with the CMH Pro-Life Club this year. Fr. Kevin, who was just ordained to the priesthood in May, is looking forward to offering chaplaincy work with our varsity basketball teams.

Along with these three priests, some other priests who offer time to CMH include:

Fr. Erich Weiss, associate pastor of St. Jerome's Parish in Oconomowoc, is chaplain to the CMH hockey program.

Fr. T. J. Uhen, an Opus Dei priest from the Layton Study Center in Brookfield, comes to CMH every Thursday to hear confessions of students.

Fr. John Yockey, pastor at St. Jerome's in Oconomowoc, has served for many years on the Board of CMH.

Fr. Curt Frederick, pastor of St. William's, and Fr. Ken Omernick, pastor of St. Charles in Hartland, are the other pirest members of the CMH Board.

All these priests are to thanked for their support of CMH.

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