Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Does the school year ever end?

I guess the answer is yes, and no.

Last evening, the final event associated with student activities for the 2010-2011 school year finally happened. Sadly, it came in the form of a loss for the Crusader Baseball team in the regional championship game against Kettle Moraine.

That being said, the days of summer have never really been without CMH student activities. Athletic and high interest camps, bring in our students for work with grade-schools; activity plannings already has members of NHS, Student Council, and Campus Ministry Leadership team coming around, and rehearsals have already begun for the fall one-act play, Spitfire Grill.

Even the sports schedule only gets a few days of breaks with some allowed, scheduled contact days, and the start of football practice in just two weeks, on August 3rd.

So yes, one school year might finally end in late July. But, campus life at CMH, with our highly involved, very committed kids, never seems to end.

Congratulations to our baseball players for a great season and special thanks to the seniors who were fine leaders throughout the season!

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