Monday, June 20, 2011

Sorry, I have been remiss for a few days

So here is a Facebook-like series of quick updates --

Thursday, June 16th

Take the 6:00am Lake Express Ferry to Muskegon. Rough ride, but still the best way to get to MI and avoid Chicago traffic jams. Heading to Grand Rapids for the annual Acton University.

Get to Grand Rapids in time for a meeting with heds of school of other members of the National Catholic Honor Roll. (N.B. While the Top 50 list indicates 2010-2011, since the designations are made only every other year, we retain this recognition for another year.)

Luncheon with the Hansen Fellows. among whom are included CMH's own Mary Gentile and Randy Denk.

Friday, June 17th

Make my presentations at Acton U. -- "Divorce: Cultural and Economic Consequences" and "The Limits of the Market: Law and Moral Culture"

Work to get text and online updates regarding the Girls Soccer semi-final game. Consoled by other school presidents when I heard about the loss.

Satuday, June 18th

Beautiful, clear day, smooth as glass ride back accross Lake Michigan.

Sunday, June 19th

Two Trinity Sunday masses at St. Anthony on the Lake, Pewaukee, and a thrid with the girls soccer team and families involved in ToppSoccer.

Monday, June 20th

Back to work, and time to prepare for sixty CMH basball players and family members coming to the rectory tonight for a BBQ. Prayers for clear skies!

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