Saturday, June 25, 2011


Wisconsin Students to Learn About the Real Business World

Madison — Nearly 160 Wisconsin students will participate in this year’s Business World program at Edgewood College in Madison June 26–29. Celebrating its 30th anniversary as a WMC initiative, Business World provides hands-on business experience for students and teaches them about the challenges facing business. The program is sponsored, developed and delivered by the business community of Wisconsin, and since its inception, has educated nearly 14,000 high school students from across the state.

During the Business World first-year program, student participants will be divided into teams of 10-12, who function as an imaginary “company” for the program. With the task of turning their company into a financial success, they will create a unique product, develop marketing strategies, and design a commercial. In addition, students interact with guest speakers, tour local companies and compete in an online business simulation.

Business World also has an advanced program component, where students who successfully completed the first-year program may return for a more advanced session. The advanced program students focus on the bigger picture of business including marketing and ethics, and they help mentor the first year students.

The hands-on activities focus on career preparation and workplace skills for success. The programs also include workshops, interesting speakers, and tours, allowing the students to explore career and education options available here in Wisconsin. It is an opportunity that will enable students to prepare for their future in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Business World is sponsored, developed, and produced by the WMC Foundation, the educational division of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce. It is supported by donations from corporations, foundations, and individuals who believe the next generation of leaders should have a clear understanding of the real world of business and the importance of the free market system in which we live. Visit for more information.

Representing CMH are:

Jordan Kaerek
Justin Lee
Katherine Masterson
Jacqueline Pierce
Danny Prager
Thomas Rosecky

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