Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photos and more of the CMH Honor Flight Brat Fry

We are still crunching the numbers but it is clear that this year's effort to support the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight has been an overwhelming success.

The original goal of our community sponsoring the trip for 23 WWII vets, in honor of the 23 men for whom CMH is a living memorial, was easily surpassed weeks ago. The planners of the project updated their goal to send 6 more, in honor of the 6 CMH former students whose names have been added to this honor role of sacrifice in service to our country.

Now, that goal was surpassed! It turns out that enough has been raised to send 30 vets on their Honor Flight.

I guess it can be said that not only will we honor our own 29, but we stepped up and can now honor all the "Unknowns" from WWII for whom there is no headstone nor memorial.

Many of the CMH kids volunteering at the Brat Fry were Crusader Boys Soccer Players. They decided to dedicate their work last Sunday in Honor of Bob Smart, CMH alumni parent, and present grandparent, and a WWII vet himself who passed away last week never having been able to get to Washington, DC to see the WWII memorial.

Nature cooperated greatly in the event. A brat fry fundraiser scheduled for the day before had to be cancelled due to rain, sleet, wind, and freezing temperatures. Not so for CMH.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support this worthwhile effort, and all those who organized, baked, cooked, and volunteered for this fundraiser and all the Honor Flight efforts of the past year. Blessings to all of you.

St. George, patron of soldiers and Crusaders....pray for us!

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