Friday, February 25, 2011

Dear CMH Mothers --

Have you heard the humorous lament of many dads? They tell of working to raise their sons, to teach and coach them until the day when their first great success arrives. They put tiny footballs into cribs, play whiffle ball baseball in the front yard, and then begins the seemingly endless trips to ice rinks, ball fields, gymnasiums, or auditoriums. And when that day arrives when the boy’s name is called out for a nationwide television audience to hear, what does the boy say to the camera – “Hi mom!”

Everyone knows that no matter the relationship between father and son, there is a very special relationship between mother and son. It was St. John Vianney who said of his own faith that "After God, it is the work of my mother," and he added that sons "voluntarily do what they see done."

CMH prides itself on the faith passed on to all of our students. We can take particular pride in the expectations of a lived Catholic faith that we place upon our young men. Like St. John Vianney, we know that this lived faith very often comes from the examples seen at home, especially the example of mothers.

CMH acknowledges and supports the debt we owe the mothers of our boys. One way that we highlight this unique relationship is through the annual Mother-Son Mass and Breakfast. This year’s celebration will be held on Sunday, March 6th. Mass begins at 10:30am with the breakfast program to follow.

If every CMH mother and their son(s) joined together that day, imagine the example of faith that would be shown to our young men, and the mutual support shown to mothers in this shared mission of raising fine young men who abound in character, integrity, and faith.

Please pre-register for the event today. I look forward to seeing all of you there that morning.

Our Lady of Memorial, pray for us!

Fr. Paul Hartmann

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