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CMH Men's Alpine Ski Team Three-peats!

from CMH parent, Tim Colombe --

Father Paul and Mr. Gamalski

On Thursday evening February 17, members of CMH's Men's Alpine Ski Team, the reigning State Champion for the past two years, traveled to LaCrosse, Wisconsin to defend their title. This is the first of CMH's current six reigning State Championship teams to defend their title. Members of the team include seniors Ryan Kemp and Chris Colombe, juniors PJ Feichtmeier and Andy Colombe, sophomores Anthony Wong and Jake Richter and freshman Joey Feichtmeier. Billy Wong, past leader of the CMH team and the individual State Champion for the past two years, also accompanied the team to provide sage advice and motivational support. The CMH team is coached by Eric Stevens and Steve Kemp, with the assistance of strength and conditioning coach, Craig Richter.

This year, the CMH team was not the favorite to win the title. Three members of the past two State Championship teams -- Billy Wong, Steven Kemp and Chris Seipman -- graduated in 2010. At the same time, after attending an East Coast ski academy last year, Eric Rasmussen, one of the top skiers in the Midwest, returned home and rejoined the KM team. In addition, Eric's brother Kyle, a freshman, joined KM's team. Also, Marquette rounded out its team with two freshman who are high level ski racers. So, the CMH team was faced with a significant challenge.

After two days of training with CMH/Ausblick Coach Steve Kemp and Ausblick Head Coach Bill Wong, the racing began on Sunday morning. The weather conditions were terrible -- heavy snow, followed by a mix of rain, freezing rain, sleet and hail. For safety reasons, a change was made to ski slalom, rather than Giant Slalom, on Sunday (lower speeds in slalom). Slalom is the strongest event for the CMH Men and they took advantage of the situation winning the event with 36 points. KM placed second with 49 points, Marquette third with 97 points, LaCrosse Central - Logan fourth with 126 points and Arrowhead fifth with 144 points. With this result, the CMH Men knew it was possible to beat the KM team and Three - Peat.

On Monday morning, the event was Giant Slalom. Knowing that the KM team is especially good at this event, the CMH skiers were ready for battle. Skiing in the first seed, CMH's Anthony Wong had a time of 30.25 seconds, which at the time put him in first place. In the second seed, KM's Eric Rasmussen had a time of 30.38 seconds, which put him in second place. The very next skier was CMH's Chris Colombe who layed down a run of 30.39 seconds, good for third place. In the third seed, CMH's Andy Colombe nailed a run of 30.38 seconds to tie for second place. (At that point, three skiers from the top two teams had times that were within one one hundredth of a second -- and two were brothers!) In the fourth seed, KM's Ian Beal thrilled the crowd with a blazing run of 29.98 seconds taking the lead. Ryan Kemp rounded out CMH's score with a 27th place. KM's Eric Wallat and Morgan Beal placed 31rst and 39th, respectively. CMH's score for the event was 37 points versus KM's 74 points giving CMH a solid lead of 50 points (73 versus 123) after two events.

With a 50 point lead, the CMH team had to stay on its feet and complete four solid runs in the Super G to Three-Peat. (In team ski racing, six skiers race and the top four scores are used). The Super G course was set to be incredibly fast -- promising a number of spectacular crashes. CMH's first three skiers delivered solid runs. But KM's Eric Rasmussen and Ian Beal delivered first and second place finishes, respectively. CMH needed a solid run to wrap up the event. Skiing in the fifth seed, CMH's PJ Feichtmeier delivered the Championship to the CMH team, with a time of 28.30 seconds!

Overall, CMH placed first with 152 points. KM followed with 180 points, Marquette took third with 241 points, Arrowhead fourth with 416 points and LaCrosse Central - Logan fifth with 505 points.

Individually, CMH's Anthony Wong placed second overall with a second in slalom, a second in giant slalom and a third in super G. Chris Colombe placed fifth overall with a eighth in slalom, a fifth in giant slalom and a ninth in super G. Andy Colombe placed sixth overall with a fifth in slalom, a third in giant slalom and an eighteenth in super G. Ryan Kemp placed twenty first in slalom and twenty seventh in giant slalom. PJ Feichtmeier placed twenty ninth overall. Jake Richter skied the slalom and giant slalom events; Joey Feichtmeier skied the super G. KM's Eric Rasmussen was the overall Champion and KM's Ian Beal placed third overall.


A question to the Waukesha Freeman regarding its coverage of this event...

If your headline, "KM skiers first in state" were true, why did they give the Championship Trophy to CMH?

Hmmm? Go figure.

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