Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas Message to the CMH Family

Christmas, 2010

Dear Members of the CMH Family,

The most vivid memories that I have of childhood Christmas mornings are not about Santa’s presents. They are the moments after we all woke up, usually at the urging of the youngest. Mom gathered us at the top of the stairs for a family picture. We were not allowed to go downstairs until dad went down to “make sure everything is set.” Without fail, each and every year, dad would yell from the family room “Go back to bed…Santa didn’t come!” When whiplashed necks turned to mom, she would smile and reassure us and then she would tell us that we could go. Then the running began…

The cover art for this year’s Catholic Memorial Christmas card is a 17th century painting of the Holy Family. In it, Joseph sits in the background watching Mary and the baby Jesus. Inside the card, I offered the reflection that “The vision of a mother with a joyful infant brings joy to all who look upon them. May we relish the joy of this season and show that joy to the world in the year to come.”

The students of CMH are no longer infants in the hands of a mother, nor children at the top of the stairs. But their many successes and their youthful joys are gifts to parents, teachers and to the church. By bringing them together in a place of faith and formation, CMH hopes to make of our students, gifts to the world.

This Christmas, we recall how the birth of Christ, Our Savior, marks in time the one true source of our joys, and of our successes; the one true source of our faith, and all that we must learn and all that we must teach. The Birth of Jesus marks in time the source of all the gifts we receive and all the gifts we give.

As President of CMH it is a joy of mine to envision, like Joseph, the gifts which our students give in their daily successes. It is an even greater joy to join with great teachers and staff to give the gifts of faith and education.

Along with our prayers, and Christmas greetings, please be assured of our gratitude for all that each of you, parents, alumni, and community members, does to “make sure everything is set” so that CMH can reflect the message of Christ to the world through its students. Your support of our shared mission is the reassurance that propels us into the future. Let the running begin…

Christmas Blessings to you and your family.

Fr. Paul Hartmann

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