Monday, October 4, 2010

Compliments to the Varsity Football Team

The CMH team prayer includes the following line:

If you choose,allow victory to come as a blessing and reward;
but, if necessary, assist us to learn integrity in defeat.

Last Friday night's varsity football game against Waukesha West was a tough loss for the CMH players, coaches, and fans. The following was forwarded to CMH by the WIAA and comes from the after-game report of the game officials.

Reporting Official: Dave Grey
Date: 10/2/10
Other Officials: Dick Madden, Jim Rath, Mark Shingler & Bill Buyarski
Sport: Football
Level: Varsity
Reported School: Waukesha West
Other School: Waukesha Catholic Memorial
Date of Event: 10/1/10
Location: Waukesha West Field

Specific Detail:

One of the first good things about being 65 years old is memories. I can still remember back 40-some years ago when I was playing football and the good memories. I can remember back 30-40 years ago when I was writing football stories for a daily newspaper and all those good memories.And can remember getting into football officiating 25 years ago and the thrill of getting back into the sport. The one thing that hasn't changed in all those years is the players at the high school level ... they remain unspoiled by professionalism

They continue to exemplify what is good sportsmanship. Such was the case Friday night at the football game between Waukesha Westand Catholic Memorial at Waukesha West.

Sportsmanship exuded every where from the coin toss until after the game ended.It was a pleasure to be around these young men ... no ... it was a privilege o be around these young gentlemen. Players helped opponents off the ground from the first play forward.

Players complimented their opponents and I don't think a harsh word was uttered between teams. The players played ... and they played hard. The coaches coached. The officials officiated and the fans cheered. All was right with the world Friday night at Waukesha and it was really too bad that someone had to win and someone had to lose. Good Sportsmanship should have been the only winner.

Congratulations and thanks to Coach Bill Young and his staff for setting the tone and expectation for this type of positive affirmation.

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