Monday, September 13, 2010

Former Packer Mike McCoy comes to CMH

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Former Green Bay Packer and Notre Dame football player, Mike McCoy's passion is empowering youth and helping them develop a larger vision for their lives. Mike delivers a faith-based message of hope and encouragement to students in Catholic schools that will help them be morally focused, overcome challenges and deal with peer pressure to develop the self-confidence to achieve true success.

Our children are bombarded by secular images of aberrant behaviors on a constant basis. To assume that they are capable on their own to withstand the peer pressure to conform to their friends expectations is certainly short-sighted.

Fr. Paul and Mike

Mike McCoy expresses some displeasure at senior Ryan Connell who wore a Chicago Bears jersry today.

Mike offers an illustration of what true friends ought to do for one another when navigating the "landmines" of modern teenage life.

Mike & Mr. Hall

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