Thursday, September 2, 2010

CMH Walkathon Update!

Be sure to check out the student made video that helped kick-off the 2010 CMH Walkathon effort.

The goal for the school community is that the students themselves will work to gather pledges which total $75,000 or more to help the tuition assistance needs. This is a great example of students helping students.

Faculty and staff participate as well. Last year I raised over $2500 from friends, family and alumni. Beating my total has become the goal of a few of our students. (A little competition never hurts.)

Be sure to seek out your favorite CMH student to ask how to pledge your support for their walk or, feel free to help me set break my record of last year. To make a pledge, please follow this link --

I truly is a fast and easy way to support CMH and our great students!


Fr. Paul

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