Monday, August 2, 2010

Over 1000 votes, but we will still need more!

I like the response so far to the Kohl’s Cares Facebook Friend Challenge in which CMH could win $500,000 for any use we choose. And wow, getting air conditioning has touched on some enthusiasm.
I also like some of the postings to the “Submit your idea” section. Let me offer a couple of observations –

Joe Bowes, CMH Junior – Yes, air conditioning would cost at least $500K. If we win this contest, it is hoped that there would be great momentum for the rest to be raised quickly.

Sr. Catherine Gilles, OSF (CMH faculty from 1959-1972 known back then as Sr. Mary George) – I am just amazed that Sr. Gilles is active on Facebook. Thank you for your votes and thanks to all of the sisters who served CMH so well for so many years!

Michelle Krause, present CMH parent – Believe me Michelle, eventual renovation of the valley fields is on the list of pressing capital needs. The recommendation for using this project for AC came from interested parents and is thought to elicit the widest possible support as it would well serve every student here.

Teddy Delforge, CMH Junior – You ask about the practicality of AC with only 30 or so days of hot weather out of 180 school days. Good question! But, first add up all the hot, non-school days when groups are here in the school. Think also of the “cool” weather days when an event crowd generates heat – things like dances in the cafeteria or plays in the auditorium. Lastly, consider how much more appealing the facility would be for summer camps and enrichment programs, and outside group rentals, if we had AC.
Thanks to everyone who has cast their votes so far. Be sure to get all of your family and friends to vote for us.
Something to be aware of -- For some reason, CMH has two entries on the Kohl's Facebook list of schools. Be sure to cast your votes (you can cast up to five for any school) for the our CMH (not the other one in Massachusetts), and be sure to use the first CMH of Waukesha listing so we don't divide our votes. We are working with Kohl's Corp. to try and get this double listing eliminated asap.
To make it simple -- VOTE HERE!

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