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Catholic Memorial’s Composite ACT Score Rises
Waukesha, WI—August 17, 2010-

Composite ACT test scores at Catholic Memorial High School have jumped in the past year from a 24.9 to a 25.3. Catholic Memorial’s 25.3 test score indicates the high extent to which our students are prepared for college-level work.

CMH prides itself for its academic rigor. Most schools might have 70-80% participation in the ACT testing program,” says Catholic Memorial High School President Fr. Paul Hartmann. “To attain this level of achievement with 90% of students participating shows that we not only bolster the high-achieving student to new heights, but we also give educational and mentoring attention to any student who needs it so that they too will be part of this achievement.”

Catholic Memorial’s composite score exceeds Wisconsin ACT benchmark scores by 20% in every subject area, including English, mathematics, reading, and science. While the overall Wisconsin State composite dropped to a 22.1, Catholic Memorial has continued to see increasing ACT scores in the past five years.

Catholic Memorial High School of Waukesha is a Catholic college preparatory high school of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee serving 754 students from the Waukesha County area. The school was established in 1949 to honor the memories of 23 local servicemen lost in World War II and currently graduates the largest number of International Baccalaureate diplomats in the state of Wisconsin.

Very Rev. Paul B.R. Hartmann, President
Robert T. Hall, Principal

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