Monday, July 12, 2010

Still 3rd in the State!

Not sure exactly how we can be ranked as having the third most successful athletics program in the state by the Wisconsin Sports Network and then be deemed only fourth in the area according to JSOnline.

Well, go figure. No matter how they add it up, at CMH we do a whole lot more with a lot fewer students and smaller budgets.

That my friends, can be credited to great, dedicated coaches, and the very best collection of student-athletes around. All of these efforts are supported by tremendous school spirit among the student body, parents, and alumni.


N. B. If athletics is important to a parent when choosing a high school (and it should not be the most important thing) then consider a comparison that shows how a student-athlete at CMH has a better chance to thrive and succeed. Using the point system devised by the Journal-Sentinel, think about the ratio of points to overall students.

CMH -- 25 pts/753 students = 1:30
MUHS -- 27 pts/1055 students = 1:38
Homestead -- 26 pts/1493 students = 1:57
Arrowhead -- 37 pts/2235 students = 1:60

This means that your child, should they want to play sports at CMH, not only will they get the best education, be encouraged to live their faith, and learn character traits for a lifetime, they will also have up to double the odds of athletic success as at other schools.


Another thing that neither of the rankings accounts for is sportsmanship. This past year, in the Classic 8 Conference, 9 CMH teams were recognized by coaches, officials and conference administrators with Sportsmanship Awards.

For 2009-2010, the Classic 8 Sportsmanship Awards total looks like this (not counting Summer Baseball)--

CMH -- 9
Kettle Moraine -- 7
Waukesha North -- 6
Mukwonago -- 5
Pius XI -- 4
Waukesha South -- 4
Arrowhead -- 4
Waukesha West -- 2

Just some food for thought.

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