Wednesday, July 28, 2010

CMH Baseball Coach addresses the Bunt

from today's Waukesha Freeman --

Squeezing them in
Suicide squeeze bunt becomes valuable strategy

By Daniel Mike Freeman Staff

WAUKESHA – If you can’t bunt, your chances of getting much playing time with the Catholic Memorial High School baseball team are sharply reduced.

“You have to be able to bunt to crack the lineup in my book,” CMH first-year coach Tim Gotzler said. Having players with that skill allows the Crusaders to utilize one of the most dangerous plays in high school baseball: the suicide squeeze bunt.

“It’s a lot to ask a kid in a pressure situation to hit a sac fly or to somehow get that runner in,” Gotzler said. “High school kids (at the plate) are nervous, thinking about a three-run home run instead of putting the ball in play. “When you focus on getting a bunt down and timing that play out, it’s a lot easier.” The suicide squeeze has become a vital tool for some high school baseball teams...

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