Monday, May 10, 2010

Starting the night off right

Following the time for pictures and the Grand March, and before the buses left to take the kids to prom, we celebrated mass together.

Many parents and family members joined in this celebration that served both to start the evening off right, and to avoid the inevitable tension between parents and kids when the kids want to sleep in the next morning.

It was students themselves who planned the liturgy, served as musicians and ministers, and made the celebration a success.

At the conclusion of the mass, Mr. Bob Hall led the promgoers out the gym to the waiting buses for the trip to the Mitchell Park Domes for Prom, then to Stonefire Pizza for Post Prom.
Special thanks to all those who worked to make this year's prom such a successful event for our kids --
Terry Gavin and Diane Hyde -- Faculty moderators
Jan Lewicki and Lisa Weisner -- Mother's Club organizers of Grand March and Post Prom
Jon Brzeski -- Campus Minister
and many, many other volunteers and chaperones.
Thanks to all!

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