Monday, May 24, 2010

Celebrating Lives of Service

Last Thursday, as CMH has done over the last five years, we gathered to celebrate the reason CMH was founded -- to be a living memorial to the ideals of sacrifice for others.

The day used to be Grandparents Day, but was transitioned to a wider and greater sense of celebration about five years ago.

Now it represents our fulfillment of an obligation to the 23 men from St. Joe's Parish who sacrificed theirs live for our country in World War II, as well as the six other CMH alums added to this honor roll since then. Moreover, it is a chance to celebrate the examples of service shown by the Franciscan Sisters who served CMH for so many years; the priests from our supporting parishes; and yes, the parents, grandparents and other supporters of our school's mission to educate and form young people into living memorials of ultimate service to others.

The celebration last Thursday, and it was wonderful to have Archbishop Listecki preside on his first official visit to CMH.

The only damper on the day was that a good number of our parents wrote releases for their students to skip this celebration. It is sad because it makes one wonder about our overall commitment to this mission and this living memorial.

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